The Freshdesk-Freshservice integration helps customer support teams on Freshdesk collaborate with internal teams on Freshservice and provide faster resolutions. This integration enables companies to streamline and accelerate the service management process and deliver outstanding support from a unified window. 

Syncing ticket fields and properties

You can sync ticket fields between Freshdesk & Freshservice in one of the following ways:

  • Freshdesk -> Freshservice
  • Freshservice -> Freshdesk
  • Freshdesk <-> Freshservice (bidirectional)

You can also map dropdown choices for dropdown fields and sync the default fields between Freshdesk & Freshservice like ticket status etc.,

Field sync guidelines: 

Here are some of the guidelines you need to keep in mind while syncing fields between Freshdesk and Freshservice: 

Note: In a scenario where a ticket field is updated on Freshservice based on an action/update on Freshdesk, then Freshdesk is the source side, and Freshservice is the destination. We will be using these references in the pointers below. 

  • The field mapping should always be 1:1. Choice mapping (dropdown choices) can be many:1, but it can not be 1:many. 
  • The sync direction can be set on a per-field basis, but only one mapping per field is allowed. 
  • The field sync between Freshdesk and Freshservice is case-sensitive. 
  • You can map the custom field only from the destination side, but the source cannot be a custom field.
  • If choices are not mapped to a dropdown field, the value will be directly copied to the destination. However, some dropdown fields will require mandatory choice mapping.
  • Only fields that are mapped via the ticket field sync will be synced. Other fields will not be affected.
  • When you are mapping a value from the dropdown choices, only the values that are mapped will sync. If the value is changed to any other value from the dropdown, it will not be synced.
  • If a field or a choice is deleted in either Freshdesk or Freshservice, then an error will be displayed on the sync fields page on Freshdesk admin settings. The admin will need to resolve the issue before saving a new change.
  • Once a source field is selected, only the applicable destination fields are displayed for syncing.
  • Field syncing will only work on tickets that are created after setting up the integration and sync. It will not automatically update any of the previously created tickets or issues. However, when an existing ticket is updated, field syncing will be applied.
  • Because data synced fields cannot be unsynced, we recommend that you test your field sync settings in the sandbox. If required, you can pause the field syncing feature on your account at any time.
  • Automations can trigger field sync, but sync won't trigger automation rules. 
  • If the integration is broken due to plan downgrade or unlinking, the data will not be synced between Freshdesk and Freshservice. 
  • If a ticket is archived or deleted in either Freshdesk or Freshservice, any corresponding updates in the Freshdesk or Freshservice tickets won't be synced.
  • Fields will be synced in the primary languages set in the account (not based on the multilingual variants)