Pivotal Tracker app for Freshdesk lets you to turn support queries as inputs in your Project Management. Say, your new product is out on beta, every feedback the beta users give, needs to be considered by the product managers and engineers. With this integration, when your beta users raise a bug or feature request in Freshdesk, you can add it as a Pivotal Tracker story in the corresponding project.

Installation Procedure:

  • Login to your support portal as an administrator.
  • Go to Admin > Helpdesk Productivity > Apps > Get More Apps
  • Search for Pivotal Tracker. Select it and click on Install. You  will be taken to the app configuration page. 
  • In the app configuration page, enter your Pivotal Tracker API (You can generate your API Token from your Pivotal Tracker under Profiles > API Token).

  • You can choose to get updates from Pivotal Tracker. So when there is any update on the story created in Pivotal Tracker, a private note gets added to the ticket. 
  • Click on the Enable button.
  • Now, when you open a ticket, the Pivotal Tracker widget will be available on the bottom right of the screen.

Creating stories with the Pivotal Tracker widget

When you want to convert a ticket created in your Freshdesk portal into a story related to a project in Pivotal Tracker, click on Create story on the widget. 

  • From your existing list of projects in Pivotal Tracker, choose the Project you want to create the story in.
  • The story can be a Bug, Feature, Chore or a Release based on the content of the ticket (Learn More).
  • You can edit the subject and description and give it more context, and click on Create when you are done. 
  • You can see the list of stories associated with a ticket in the widget. You can click on a story to view its current status in the Project.
  • If you've chosen to get updates from Pivotal Tracker, all updates will be added as a private note to the corresponding ticket. This way, it will be easier to update the customer.


1.  I receive the following error when I try to create a story :

A : Verify the API key and update the app accordingly. This error could also be thrown if your pivotal tracker account is suspended. 

2. I receive the below error upon trying to add a story :

A : Requester email address should match the customer's email address in the Pivotal Tracker. Also, the agent email address should match the employee name in the Pivotal Tracker. If the above conditions are not satisfied, this error would be thrown, but the story will still be created.

3. When adding a new story to Pivotal Tracker from Freshdesk, it saves the story multiple times.  What is happening?


A: This could be a browser cache issue. Please try clearing your browser cache and cookies. Also, try logging into your account in a private window of your browser. 

4. My story updates in Pivotal Tracker are not reflecting in Freshdesk. Why? 

A : This could happen when :
i ) The API key from Pivotal is not updated in Freshdesk properly.

ii ) "Select to get updates from Pivotal Tracker" has been not been selected under the app settings. 

5. Is it possible to link a ticket with an existing story? 

A : No , that would not be possible. You would only be able to create new stories from a ticket.