If you are an existing Freshdesk phone channel customer, the migration to Freshcaller can be initiated by a simple email to You can specify the ideal time to carry out the migration so that it will be done with zero disruption to your work-day.

If you already have a separate Freshdesk and Freshcaller account, they need to be integrated for you to make and receive calls from within Freshdesk. With this integration, all calls in Freshdesk are channeled via Freshcaller. Every call gets logged in your Freshcaller account and can be accessed by the Admin.  

Follow the steps mentioned below to integrate your accounts.

Who can initiate this integration?

  • Role:
    • You should be an account admin or an admin for both your Freshdesk and Freshcaller accounts to set up this integration.

  • Email address: 

    • Both your accounts should be signed in using the same email address.

How to integrate these accounts?

  1. Login as an account admin into your Freshdesk account.

  2. Go to Admin Settings > Support Channels > Phone.

  3. If you’re in your Freshdesk’s mint experience and yet to connect your phone channel, there are two options for you to choose from.

  • Sign in to your existing Freshcaller account: In case you already have a Freshcaller account, choose the Connect existing account option. In the windows that appears, enter your Freshcaller domain URL, email address and password to sign in.         
  • Or create a new account: If you are new to Freshcaller, click ‘Create an account’ option to sign up. The following screen appears.

Note: By default, the person logged in as the Freshdesk account’s admin then, becomes the admin for the newly created Freshcaller account.

  1. Click on Manage settings in Freshcaller to go to your Freshcaller account.

  2. You are directed to the rules page in Freshcaller where you can configure the rules for the numbers you’ve purchased.

Note: Only numbers associated with a valid rule will receive calls. So, ensure every number that you use has some set of actions configured.

  1. In case it’s a new account—buy credits, purchase a number and add agents before getting started. 

Get to know more about the functionalities that get synced between the integrated accounts, to make the most out of this integration.