Note: We're rolling out the revamped SLAs in batches to all Freshdesk accounts

An SLA policy ( service level agreement) lets you set standards of performance for your support team. They're like a target, or a deadline, within which your team is expected to respond and resolve tickets. 

SLA policies in Freshdesk to determine the Due By time for each ticket. You can either have a single SLA policy for all tickets or have multiple SLA policies for different types of tickets. As an example, you can have a shorter SLA target for tickets from Social media or VIP customers. 

Because how fast you're required to respond to tickets depends on its priority, you can set-up a different SLA target for the different ticket priorities- urgent, high, medium and low. 

A quick guide to creating an SLA policy:

  • Login to your Freshdesk
  • Go to Admin > General Settings > SLA Policies.
  • Click on Add policy

  • If you're on the Blossom or Garden plan of Freshdesk, you can edit the Default Policy. This default SLA target will apply to all your tickets.

  • Choose the type of tickets for which you want to have the SLA policy to work on. For instance, you can have a different SLA for tickets from Social Media.

  • Choose whether the SLA timer should be calculated based on Business or Calendar hours.

  • If you'd like to enable escalations when service levels are violated, make sure that the Escalation Email button is toggled on.
  • Click Save to finish setting up your SLA Policy.

Note: From the Garden plan onwards, you can set reminders to notify agents before an SLA is violated and even escalate the ticket automatically when a violation does occur.

If you're on Estate or Forest, you can also create multiple SLA policies in Freshdesk for different customer tiers, products, agent groups, and so on. For example, you could have an 'Express Support' SLA policy for high-value clients.