The Freshworks CRM app for Freshdesk provides you with complete visibility on your customer base. Your agents can now easily access information - contacts, deals, and accounts - from Freshworks CRM for better context regarding customer problems. This will allow support agents to get instant context, build relevant conversation and resolve customer questions faster.

Agents will be able to view five of the most recent deals associated with a customer right next to their ticket. Freshworks CRM users will also be able to see linked tickets in the Contacts, Deals, and Accounts page. The tickets linked to these Contacts, Deals, and Accounts will also have the option 'View in Freshdesk' that will lead them directly to the ticket details page provided they have the required Freshdesk credentials.

Agents can also create a contact directly from Freshdesk without switching to Freshworks CRM. 

How to setup Freshworks CRM

In order to install the Freshworks CRM app in Freshdesk, you will need your Freshworks CRM API Key.

To get the Freshworks CRM API Key:

  • Login to Freshworks CRM, click on your profile in the top right
  • Select 'Settings'
  • Switch to the API settings tab in the settings page
  • You'll find your API Key in the API settings tab. Copy it to your clipboard.

To install the Freshworks CRM app for Freshdesk,

  • Login to your Freshdesk account as an administrator.
  • Go to Admin → Support Operations → Apps → Get More Apps.
  • Select Freshworks CRM from the list and click on Install.
  • You will be asked to enter your Freshworks CRM credentials. Enter the username and API key that you retrieved earlier.
  • Click on Update and the Freshwork CRM app for Freshdesk will be installed.
  • Under Freshworks CRM settings, you can select the Contact, Deal and Account fields that you want displayed in Freshdesk. You can select upto 10 fields each for Contact, Lead, Deal and Account. By default, only Full Name is displayed. 
  • Click 'Update' once you are done.

Using the Freshworks CRM App

Once you’ve enabled the app on Freshdesk, when a customer raises a query, if they are a account or contact in Freshworks CRM, you will see information about them in the Requester Info Section.

When you select the Account option in the 'Requester Info' section of the Freshworks CRM app, you will be able to see information about the company as well as the deals associated with it. Only five (5) open deals will be displayed at any time. They will be sorted by 'Expected Close Date' with the nearer date being first. If a customer does not have 5 open deals, then the app will display all the open deals the customer has and will display closed deals in the remaining slots. The closed deals will be sorted by 'Most recent closed date'.

You can convert a sales query from a customer on a Freshdesk ticket to a lead/contact in Freshsales, by clicking on "create lead/contact" option within the app. 

Note: The Freshsales app widget would show up both on the contact details page and the ticket details page.