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Once you're done with installing the feature, when agents notice a trend in the tickets coming into the system, they can look for an existing Tracker and link the ticket to it or create a new Tracker.

How to create a new Tracker

  • Go to Tickets, and click on the ticket you’d like to link to a Tracker.

  • Select the Linked Tickets icon from the right panel on the Ticket Details page.
  • Click on Create a Tracker.

  • A new tracker form will slide into view. You can enter the details for the Tracker and click on Create.

  • The ticket will be linked to the Tracker; it will have the ‘Related’ tag when you view it in the Tickets tab.

Alternatively, you can create a Tracker from the Tickets tab by selecting all the tickets you wish to link to a tracker and clicking on Link. A similar prompt asking you to choose a Tracker or create a new one will appear.

Note: An existing ticket cannot be converted into a Tracker ticket. The reason behind this is because a tracker is intended for internal tracking processes. Converting an existing ticket into a tracker will not help as the ticket and the conversations would be visible to the requesters.

Once the Tracker ticket has been created, you can link the existing tickets to it for better coherence. The tickets can be associated with the Tracker from the Tickets List View page or the Ticket Details page.

How to link a ticket to a Tracker from the Ticket Details page

  • Click on the ticket and select the Link to a Tracker option on the right panel of the ticket details page.
  • A list of recently created Trackers will slide into view. You can scroll through the list to find the respective tracker or search for it with Subject, Ticket ID or Contact. You can link the ticket to the tracker by clicking on the link icon. (Note:  If you don't find a suitable Tracker, you can always create a new Tracker.)
  • Once linked, the Tracker’s details will be displayed in the linked ticket widget on the related ticket. 
  • To unlink the ticket from the Tracker, click on the Unlink button.

Note: A ticket can be linked to only one Tracker and Trackers can accommodate a maximum of 300 tickets. Once a ticket is linked, it cannot be merged with another ticket. Likewise, merged tickets cannot be linked to a Tracker. 

How to broadcast a message

With all the related tickets linked to the Tracker, the team working on it can notify the agents on the progress by using an internal broadcast message. Once the message is broadcasted on the Tracker ticket, it would be relayed on all the related tickets automatically. This broadcast message would be visible only to agents on the account.

  • To broadcast an internal message to agents who are assigned to related tickets, click on Broadcast

Note: Only agents who have access to the Tracker ticket will be able to send a broadcast message.

  • Enter the message and click Broadcast. The message will be sent to all the related tickets that are linked with the Tracker.

The broadcast message will be added to any new tickets linked to the Tracker. At any point of time, any related ticket will only have the last broadcasted message. That is, if a new message is broadcasted, it will replace the existing message with the new one. The agents can include the message in their replies on the related tickets using the Insert this message into reply option

Note: When a message is broadcasted from the Tracker ticket, a hardcoded email notification will be sent to the assigned agent and the watcher(s) added on the related tickets.