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Agents can export tickets, contacts, companies, or granular account data easily, and quickly download it anytime, from a centralized window.To export the tickets from your helpdesk, please navigate to the Tickets tab and choose the pre-existing 'All tickets' view from the ticket list page.

You can then choose and apply all the necessary filters such as the created time, agents, groups, type, status etc on the right and set up your filter to display the exact set of tickets you want to export then click on Export from the top right corner.

When you click 'Export', a slider opens out. Here, you can choose the format of the file (CSV or Excel) along with desired ticket fields that should be included in the ticket export. Expand the 'Show multiline text fields' option on this slider to choose to export the 'Description' or any other custom multiline text field.

Note: The time frame set on the ticket list page has to be greater than the time frame set in the Export window. It is recommended to set the Created time field as 'Any time' on the list page and apply the desired time in the export window. You'll notice that the export function now fetches tickets based on the filter you've applied, ensuring you get precisely the data you're looking for.

This export will NOT give you the entire conversation from the ticket or historical data (archived tickets) - for that, you will have to perform an account export.

To view previously exported data from your helpdesk, please navigate to Admin > Accounts exports. From here, you can see the export history. 


You can also see the progress of downloads and directly download the file from this page.

A window pops up when you click on the Details button which provides details about the export. The agent can easily see information like the selected time period, ticket fields, contact fields, company fields, and other information from here. 

Note: If the 'Export' option is missing for you, it is possible that your Admin has restricted it by setting up a custom role. This setting can be changed under Admin > Roles by an Admin.