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If your content goes through a review process before being published, the approval workflow within the Freshdesk knowledge base really comes in handy. Using this functionality, agents can now send their content for approval, review and approve the content, track the articles that are in the review process and publish the articles that are ready.

To get started, the agents must first be given the relevant access based on the part they play in the review process.

A quick guide on sending your article for approval

  • Once the content writer creates an article and updates its relevant properties, he/she can send their article for review by clicking on the Send for review button

  • A popup appears which enables you to select the agent to whom you are sending the article for review, from the drop-down

Note: Only the agents who have been given approval access will be displayed under the drop-down.

  • Once you select the reviewer and click on Send for review, the article will be saved as a draft and the status of the article will be changed to In review. This will also be visually represented with a thin red line on top of the article content on the left pane

  • A notification will also be sent to the selected reviewer, via mail and in-product (bell icon near the search bar)

  • This article can also be accessed from the In review view under Quick views.

  • The content creators can also send articles for review in bulk from the Draft articles list view.

A quick guide on reviewing and approving an article

  • The content reviewer can access the article that is pending for review from the In review view under Quick views or from their notifications
  • The reviewer can then go through the article and make the necessary changes. Once the article is ready, the reviewer can approve the article by clicking on the Approve button

  • As soon as the article has been approved, the article’s status changes to Approved and it is also visually represented with a thin blue line on top of the article content on the left pane

  • The agent who sent the article for review and the actual author of the article will be notified via mail and in-product

  • The approved articles can be accessed from the Approved view under the Quick views

  • The content reviewers can also bulk approve articles from the In review articles list view if they know that the content won't require further review

A quick guide on publishing articles that are in the review process

  • The article can be published straight away by an agent who has been given publish access, even if the article has not been approved
  • If an agent has been given publish access only after an article has been approved, they will only be able to see the Publish button after the article has been approved by the reviewer.
  • The articles can be bulk published from the Approved articles list views, by agents with publishing access.

As is evident, the article status goes through multiple updates throughout the review process and you can understand it in more detail here.