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In the approval workflow of the Freshdesk knowledge base, changes to the article status follow a specific flow when certain actions are performed on an article. To understand this further, you can take a look at the below flow chart.

A quick guide on changing the article status during an approval process

  • When an article is saved, the article status will be updated as Draft
  • When the article is sent for review, the status of the article changes to In Review
  • If the article sent for review is edited by the assigned reviewer, it stays in the In Review status
  • If the article sent for review is edited by its writer or any other agent apart from the assigned reviewer, the status will be changed to Draft
  • The article status can also be directly changed to In Review rather than being saved as a draft first if the content writer clicks on Send for review right after creating the content
  • When an article in the review stage is approved by anyone with approve access, the status will be changed to Approved
  • If the approved article is edited by the content creator or the approver, the status will be changed to Draft
  • If an agent publishes the approved article, the article status changes to Published
  • If the published article is edited further it gets changed to Draft status while remaining visible on the customer portal. If it is unpublished, the status changes to Draft and the article is not visible on the customer portal.
  • An agent can directly publish an article from the draft status if they have the Publish access. However, an agent with Publish after approved access can only publish an article after it is in Approved status.