You can integrate your Freddy Self-service bots with your Freshchat account to serve your bot on Freshchat’s BYOB (Bring Your Own Bot). Integrating Freshchat with Freddy Self-service enables you to move incoming chats between your agents and bots. When your customers are talking to your bot and need a live agent, your agents can take over. Once the agent resolves the ticket, the conversation is handed back to the bot for feedback.

Sometimes, you may run into issues where the integration may fail. Here are a few troubleshooting tips that you can try out.

  • Ensure the Freshchat and Freddy Self-service accounts are in the same data center.

If you’re signing up for new accounts for both, you can choose the data center (DC) during the signup process. If you already have a Freshchat account, contact to find the DC and then sign up for a bots account. If you already have a Freddy Self-service account, you can make out the DC from your URL:


  • Ensure you have connected the default “Sorry” flow to the default “Hello” flow.

The default flow Freshchat refers to when the bot is initiated is the default “Sorry” flow. To ensure that the bot is triggered on your Freshchat account, connect the default “Sorry” flow to the first flow, or the “Hello” flow of your conversation. By doing this, you ensure that your customer experience is seamless. You’ll have to make the sorry dialog private and connect the sorry flow to the first flow in your bot.

  • Make sure that the webhook is enabled and configured in Freshchat.

Please keep in mind that the webhook endpoint will change based on Freddy Self-service DC.

India DC:

Europe DC:


Australia DC:

  • Freshchat’s actions, such as, “transfer to agent” will not work in the bot preview.

You will have to use the Freshchat widget embed code in a JS simulator, like or, to ensure that these actions in the code run as expected.

  • User properties are passed to Freshchat only when Freshchat Actions are triggered.

  • Multiple bots cannot be connected to the same Freshchat account.

Multiple bots cannot be connected to the same Freshchat account. If you would like to create different bot flows for different topics in Freshchat, you can check the channel id from which the message is coming and then trigger an appropriate flow. Learn more here.

Please write to if you have any more questions, we’ll be happy to help you.