Freshdesk provides a set of default prebuilt reports for the most common support use cases. You can use these readily available reports to get a 360 view of your helpdesk and monitor your team's performance with the most relevant metrics.

Note: The curated reports are available only for customers from the Growth plan. However, the availability of each curated report depends on your subscribed plan. Check the table below.

To view the curated reports:

  1. Log in to your Freshdesk account as an admin.
  2. Go to Analytics and select Curated Reports from the drop-down option.

The list of curated reports are:

Track helpdesk health
Use these reports to know everything about your business, from ticket volume to overall helpdesk performance.

Helpdesk Performance 

Gives an overview of your helpdesk's Time and SLA metrics.


Helpdesk Ticket Volume

Gives an overview of your helpdesk's Ticket metrics. This includes the number of tickets created, resolved, or reopened.


Ticket lifecycle

Lets you quickly analyze the ticket workflows to determine the root cause of your support inefficiencies.
Ticket volume trends

Gives an overview of the number of tickets created, resolved, reopened, and unresolved grouped by hour/day/week/month. 

It also helps you understand the ticket flow in your helpdesk to allocate resources accordingly.

Timesheet summary

Provides analysis on time spent on tickets by charge type (Billable/Non-billable), date, ticket, agent, group, and customer so that you can understand how the agents spend their working hours.

Canned response report
Provides insights into the canned Responses created, deleted, and used daily, monthly, or yearly.

Admins can use this to understand the basic trends and measure the usage of canned
Knowledge base
Provides a summary of your overall knowledgebase performance.

Get key insights on each knowledgebase article and understand how your article metrics have changed over time.
Monitor performance efficiency
Supervisors can use these reports to keep a tab on agent performance

Agent Performance 

Provides a summary of agent's performances during the selected period.

You can sort your agents based on various metrics, like SLA compliance.


Group Performance

Provides a summary of the groups' performances in the selected period.

You can sort your agent groups based on various metrics like SLA compliance. 


Performance Distribution 

Focuses on the agent/group performance metrics such as first response time, average response time, and resolution time.

The time taken is calculated based on the business hour that applies to each ticket. For example, 24 hours equals one day if you have 24x7 support and four days if you have a 6x5 hour workday.

Average handling reportLets you view the total time tracked for all tickets in your helpdesk.

Get complete visibility of your team’s performance, measure their productivity, identify the gaps, and improve the ticket handling time.
Gauge customer impact
Use these reports to know how your customers feel about your business
Customer satisfaction survey results

Helps you analyze the agents' performance and assess the customer service provided. 

You can use this to improve your training and help your team perform better.

Top customer analysis

Gives an overview of the top customers who interacted the most with your agents. 

You can also view the trends on the type of tickets raised by the customers.