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The out of office scheduler allows agents to schedule the days during which they aren't available. You can ensure tickets are not assigned to agents on leave and customer responses are re-routed to available agents. 

How to schedule out of office

- Click on the icon next to your profile icon at the top right corner of your Freshdesk

- The icon will look different depending on whether you have automatic ticket assignment enabled for your team. 

Automatic assignment not enabled
Unavailable to take new tickets
Available to take new tickets

- Agent can choose the duration for which they need to schedule Out of Office. 

Automating workflows when an agent is out of office

Tickets aren't automatically assigned to an agent that's on leave. You can prevent agents from manually assigning tickets to an agent that's on holiday by using an automation rule that runs on ticket updates. 

When a customer responds to an agent that's out of office, you can choose whether you want tickets to be re-assigned to an agent that’s available, or if you want your team to help with the customer until the agent is back from vacation. You could also notify a group, or even send an email to the customer letting them know that responses will be late. 

TIP: Have your agents create custom ticket views to keep tabs on customer responses to agents that are out office. They'll just have to use these filters- Agents: Me, < name of agent on leave> and Status: open