Automations in parent-child ticketing makes collaboration hassle-free. Support teams can ensure important updates made to child tickets reflect in the parent tickets, keeping every team working on the issue updated. To name a few, you can do the following by running automation rules in parent-child tickets.

  • Sync notes/ reminders in child tickets to the parent ticket

  • Update priority on child tickets, when the priority of parent ticket is changed.

  • Close a child ticket and create a new child ticket for a sub-task while having everyone informed of the advance made. 

To know more about parent-child ticketing, read here.

Let’s see an example of creating a rule where notes updated in child ticket gets synced back to the parent ticket.

To configure an automation rule for parent-child ticket go to Admin → Helpdesk Productivity → Automations → Ticket Updates → New rule

  • Enter a name for the rule

  • Select agent or requester in “When an action is performed by…”

  • On tickets with these properties, select if “Association type” is “Child

  • Perform the action “Add note

  • Add placeholder ‘latest private comment’ in the description. Now, the latest comment made in a child ticket would be added as a private note to the parent ticket. 

  • Click Preview and save.

Similarly, you can automate more parent-child ticketing workflows by choosing the association type as “child” or “parent”